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What Maintenance Should Be Done To An AC Unit?

When you go to the doctor for your yearly checkup, you go as a precautionary measure. A professional ensures your body functions effectively and confirms that you’re in good health. This annual visit is similar to an air conditioner tune-up, which ensures your cooling system is operating up to standard.

Island Airco is prepared to keep your Eureka Springs home system in excellent condition! With the help of our reliable maintenance services, you can expect an air conditioner that exceeds your expectations. We’ve compiled a guide to help you understand AC maintenance and what you can do to upkeep your system.

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

With the help of a little TLC, your air conditioner can service your home for a long period of time. A few simple maintenance tasks will keep the machinery in excellent condition, providing your home with long-lasting indoor comfort.

Change The Air Filters

Your cooling system contains an air filter that boosts the quality of the air in your home. This component blocks debris from entering your system, such as pet dander and dust. However, if the device isn’t changed regularly, it may fail to clean the indoor oxygen. Replacing the filter every two to three months will help boost indoor air quality and your unit.

Clean The Coils

Your air conditioner works hard to effectively meet your needs. However, the system’s condenser and evaporator coils may accumulate debris over time. You can use a nylon brush to remove dirt from these components. Clearing vegetation away from the outdoor unit will also help it operate more efficiently.

Keep Your Vents Clean

When cleaning your home, dusting the furniture is likely a standard part of your routine. However, if you notice dust and debris forming in your air vents, you may want to add cleaning them to your to-do list! Removing buildup from the vents will improve the airflow in your home, keeping your system in good condition.

Inspect The Condensate Drain Line

When blockages form in your condensate drain, it can affect the unit’s ability to regulate indoor humidity levels. To combat this issue, The U.S. Department of Energy advises occasionally passing a stiff wire through the drain channels.

Schedule An AC Maintenance Service

The best way to ensure your air conditioner remains in excellent shape is by scheduling a professional tune-up. One of our trustworthy technicians will inspect the machinery and check that it’s working effectively.

During this service, the refrigerant levels will be inspected to verify the correct amount is in the unit. One of our technicians will also monitor the system for leaks and other forms of damage. If an issue is found within the machinery, we’ll make you aware and let you know your options to correct the problem.

Benefits Of AC Preventative Maintenance

When you schedule a tune-up with our team, you can expect your system to operate at peak efficiency. Scheduling maintenance services annually ensures the machinery is free from issues that could compromise its effectiveness. Maintenance provides your system with multiple benefits, some of which include:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Lower energy bills
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Uniform heating and cooling
  • Fewer repair services

When it comes to your home comfort, your air conditioning unit works hard to keep your living conditions as pleasant as possible. With the help of a tune-up, you’ll never have to stress over an inefficient cooling system again!

AC Maintenance Eureka Springs Homeowners Can Count On

Island Airco prioritizes the comfort of all Eureka Springs residents! With over 20 years of skills and experience, we’re prepared to tackle any issues with your HVAC system. Contact us today to schedule your next reliable tune-up service!

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