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What To Do If Your Furnace Goes Out

February 9, 2022 | Blog

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a defective furnace during winter. Although we are accustomed to mild winters here in Eureka Springs, it is important to have an efficient heating unit for the occasional freezing temperatures. If you are unsure if your furnace is in tip-top shape, contact Island Airco for a heater inspection and heater maintenance. 

If your furnace shuts down, read below for information on how to handle this issue while you wait for a technician!

What Should I Do If My Furnace Goes Out?

Turn On Your Furnace

Check to make sure your furnace is powered on. Most heating units have an on and off switch on the side that can flick on or off if bumped.

Check Your Thermostat

Check to make sure the settings on your thermostat are accurate and unchanged. A smart thermostat may also highlight issues with your furnace.

Check the Pilot Light

Make sure the pilot light on your furnace isn’t out and check that the gas valve is on. If the pilot light is out, relight it.

Make Sure Your Thermostat is On the Right Setting

Make sure your thermostat is set to “heat mode”. If it isn’t, set it to “heat” and see if the temperature changes.

Reset Your Furnace

Turn the power switch off or open the breaker box and turn off the circuit breaker to the furnace. Wait 10 seconds before you turn on the switch or breaker. Make sure the furnace is back on and working properly.

Tips To Keep Warm While You Wait

Wear Warm Clothes

Bundle up in sweaters and jackets, and layer your clothing to keep warm in the house. Instead of going barefoot, wear wool socks to keep your feet comfortable.

Stay in Motion

Move around your house to maintain circulation throughout your body. Activities like working out, dancing, or playing with the kids can help you stay warm.

Have a Family Slumber Party

Grab blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows for the whole family to sleep in one room together.

Use Your Space Heater

Plug in a space heater in all the rooms you and your family frequent to keep those areas warm. Place it on a flat surface out of close range of drapes or flammable materials. Remember to never leave the heater unattended.

Tips To Prevent Your Heater From Going Out

Schedule a Tune-up

It is important to prioritize regular maintenance for your furnace. For the greatest efficiency, schedule seasonal maintenance in late summer or early fall. For expert service, call Island Airco for heating repair and maintenance.

Take a Break

Sometimes constantly using your system can cause it to overwork and malfunction. Wear warm clothes, turn on your space heater, and snuggle under a blanket to keep from using your system. Periodic breaks will help to increase your unit’s efficiency and expand its life.

Change the Filter

Check your filter for dirt and dust. If it’s dirty, replace it with a 30-day disposable filter or a pleated filter that lasts three months.

Contact Island Airco

At Island Airco, we offer trained technicians that specialize in furnace repairs, system maintenance, furnace replacement, tune-ups, and AC services. Rely on us for all your heater needs and expect superior service and customer satisfaction. Give us a call today!

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